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Business - Network - Enjoy - Help

Welcome to the world of William. Your world to do business, to network, to enjoy and also to help. Because here, the focus is on people, with all their wishes and needs.

This is where we do everything together. Customers, partners, friends and suppliers meet in to do business, to network, to enjoy and to help. Either each topic separately or all together. They all like to laugh and we like to do that often.

The World Of William connects what my clients, partners and I have been doing for a long time without me naming it. You will object that many do this, there are enough networks. You are right. But here we don't just connect people to business or networks, we go one step further and include the joy of life and children with rare diseases.  

Now there are also people who are not at the centre of attention and cannot simply be part of what we call "business as usual". With my idea, I also want to give something back to society, from which we all benefit. That's why the "helping" aspect is important to me. That is why we support the Orpahan Healthcare Foundation for children with rare diseases. Personally, I work on a voluntary basis for ProInfirmis.


If you are interested in sales and service, then you have come to the right place. Power Sales is exactly the right address for training, coaching and interim sales.

If you want to move into the future with your team or your business, then The New Company exactly the right approach.

If you want to rent a cool car or a trendy Vespa, in the spirit of the Life Style, then book at Caledonia.

If you would like to enjoy and help, take part in great events or buy rare and selected products in the webshop, then come to the Business Tasting Club. Books, whisky, charity, vouchers or preferential conditions are available here.



Portrait William Frenzel

I have been in life for more than half a century now and have been able to gather many good and different experiences accordingly. I have never lost the joy of life, even though I almost lost it in 2016.

As a trained craftsman with subsequent studies, I have enough down-to-earthness and knowledge in my professional as well as private life. Among other things, I have written the books The New Company and The Magic Square, as well as a life guide, as a humorous contribution to life.

My passion is sales, leading people as well as trains, cars and a good book. I love and enjoy life and am happy about all people who want to share this with me, in my job as well as in my private life.